Eye examination saves Spalding woman’s life after Optician finds a tumour in eye

Eye examination saves Spalding woman's life after Optician finds a tumour in eye

After experiencing some problems with her vision, a routine eye examination saved the life of local women, Georgina Harrison, after her Optician found a tumour pushing on her retina.

Ms Georgina Harrison, age 53, visited her local independent optician Molsom & Associates in Spalding after experiencing problems with her vision.
Her Optometrist Mr Ian Price became concerned after carrying out an eye examination, he advised Georgina to undergo a retinal scan of her right eye within the practice. Using Topcon 3D OCT technology Molsom staff studied her retina, they were stunned at their discovery. Mr Price referred her immediately to the Royal Eye hospital in Boston.

Within weeks of her visit to Molsom & Associates, Georgina was in the Royal Hallamshire Eye Hospital in Sheffield, where she was diagnosed with a very rare, and life threatening, malignant tumour which can metastasise and spread to the liver, lungs and bones via the bloodstream.

Georgina said: "I'd been experiencing difficulties using the electronic till and spotting stock at work and staff were becoming impatient with me. I also found it difficult to read music, books and to do crochet and close work at times. I also felt my eyes took a while to “get going” in the morning!”

“I had an eye test during the previous 18 months and everything was normal but after going into a shop one day and losing a section of my main vision I decided to go to my local independent optician to have my eyes checked. I would like to thank Molsom and Associates for saving my life! Sounds dramatic but it is true.”

In less than 2 months after her eye exam at Molsom & Associates, Georgina was undergoing eye surgery using Proton Beam therapy which enabled the tumour to be target precisely reducing the risk of tumour cells surviving the radiotherapy treatment.
“Although I have lost a lot of vision, due to the tumour and the treatment, in my right eye my peripheral vision is still spot on! I’ve recently been back to Molsom and Associates and I have ordered some varifocals. I’m really looking forward to reading a book or two very shortly!”
“I urge everyone to attend regular eye tests! I had no clue what Ocular Melanoma was until I was diagnosed and I am supported by OcuMel UK www.ocumeluk.org an excellent charity supporting “Omies” (people with Ocular Melanoma) and their loved ones, as well as raising awareness. Without the excellent staff at Molsom my prognosis would not be anywhere near as good. I have had first rate support and service from their friendly and knowledgeable staff ”
Molsom & Associates Optometrist Ian Price said “ This is a rare occurrence, but I am so thankful that Georgina came to to see us when she did! As she says these tumours can be aggressive. As part of an eye examination, Opticians can pick up many general health problems as well as eye disorders, and like all health issues the sooner these are seen - the better the prognosis. Any Optician can see these tumours, so although I was just doing my job, I am proud to have helped Georgina”.
Molsom & Associates added “By visiting local schools presenting talks and workshops, providing local health support groups with talks and sponsoring local events, we are always trying to educate everyone from young to old on the importance of eye health. Regular eye exams are vital to detect any changes early, as we did in Georgina's case. We will have a collection pot for the charity Ocumel at the practice, helping to support their fund raising and work to support people suffering from Ocular melanoma.”

The experience has encouraged Georgina to hopefully re train as a nurse in the coming year.
Sharing this story Georgina and Molsom & Associates are hoping everyone reading it will ensure both themselves and their loved ones book for an eye examination.

Georgina collecting her new glasses

Georgina modelling her new glasses

For more information on supporting Ocumel please see their website www.ocumeluk.org



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  1. This story highlights the importance of regular eye tests. By identifying the problem and ensuring Georgina was referred quickly for treatment you may well have saved her sight and her life.
    • molsom
      Educating everyone on the importance of regular eye examinations for more than just ensuring their vision is good is so important to us! Thank you for your comment
  2. Thank you for saving our daughters life. Pat and Jim Clark
  3. molsom
    We are so pleased she came to see us when she did, many thanks for your comment.

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