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Did you all see our recent story in the local press reminding everyone how important regular eye examinations are?

Spalding resident’s eyesight saved by local optician

Spalding resident, Bernice Adcock, escaped a detached retina while being on holiday after visiting her local independent optometrist Andy Molsom of Molsom & Associates. She now urges everyone to attend regular eye examinations and choose their Optician with care.

After experiencing floating spots in her vision, and previously experienced small tears to her left retina, she wanted peace of mind and booked her eye examination before her holiday.

At the eye examination, Bernice explained that her symptoms had improved. She had already consulted the hospital 3 weeks previously, and was given the all clear. It wasn’t until Andy Molsom looked at the retina that he saw the retinal tear in her right eye. Using 3D OCT scanning technology he could see that the retina was still attached, but with a retinal tear there is a high risk of fluid getting underneath the retina and pulling the retina off.

As this was potentially an emergency, Andy Molsom rang the Royle Eye Department at Pilgrim Hospital to book Bernice in that afternoon for a consultation.

The ophthalmologist confirmed that there was a new large retinal tear in her right eye, and was immediately treated using Laser Retinopexy.

Bernie said “I may have had to cancel and rebook our planned holiday but Andy's knowledge, experience and hi-tech equipment saved me from having a full blown retinal detachment! I shall forever be grateful. Returning from the hospital to our home, walking past our packed suitcases in the hall, made me realise that without Mr Molsom's efficiency, my retina could have detached during our flight! I don't like to think of the outcome if I hadn't gone to see him that afternoon”.

Mr Molsom added, “Bernice is very lucky, she did the right thing to ensure that her eyes were healthy before jetting off. Despite having no further symptoms, the jelly in her eye came away from the back of the retina, but in doing so it tore the retina.

“While we only rarely see retinal tears or detached retinas, the advance of 3D OCT scanning technology we enables us to see how the jelly in the eye is changing over time, monitor it and give specific advice to patients.”

Bernie added, “Andy Molsom has always been there for me if I have any visual worries. Along with his team they are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable and I would not go anywhere else for my eye care.”

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Bernice collecting her new designer Face a Face glasses

We offer standard or advanced, NHS funded or private eye exams.

We now also offer our Platinum Eyecare Plan to all patients giving you complete peace of mind for all your optical needs.

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