Children's Eye care

Looking after children's eye health is vital.

Children are never too young to have their eyes examined and do not have to be able to read.

Regular eye examinations for children are so important, especially during the early days of education to ensure they can learn to their full potential. Up to 5 million children in the UK currently have undetected visual problems. If there is a family history of any sort of eye conditions, squints or lazy eye for example, the earlier the problem is detected the better.

Molsom & Associates also work hard at educating children about the importance of eye health. We visit primary schools in and around Spalding every year with Sydney the bear and with our mascot #molsommole! Our team will talk to the children about what an eye examination is and help to show them why it is important to have regular check ups.  With an interactive session looking at sun protection, trying on glasses, braille and much more.

These visits can be booked by calling Vicky at the practice 01775 713366. We will also visit pre-schools with a shorter talk if required.

We stock a great range of children's spectacles, sunglasses and sports goggles, so call us to book an appointment in one of our special after school children's clinics. We can also find contact lens solutions if required?

As a private practice we can offer all children a private eye examination currently £39 (please call the practice for up to date prices). However if a parent is currently a Molsom Platinum Eyecare Member any child living at the same address will benefit from an eye examination under their parents plan! We have also extended this up to young adults (aged 20 or younger).

We are excited to be able to offer a myopia management service as well, please see the page for more details.


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