RNIB support and advice

Referrals to the RNIB for free advice and support are now available at Molsom & Associates




If you or someone you care for have an eye condition or any concerns the RNIB can help with some of the following problems;

  • Reading
  • Money & benefits - If you have questions about managing your finances
  • At home - If your impaired vision causes issues looking after yourself like preparing food
  • Driving - Can you read a number plate from 20 metres?
  • Employment or Education - Does your vision impact work, school or college?
  • Getting around

The referral service can offer practical and emotional support to anyone affected by sight loss. No matter your age or level of impairment the RNIB can offer guidance and advice to help support you.

RNIB | Homepage of the Royal National Institute for Blind People

If during your eye examination you feel you would like a referral please let your Optometrist know.

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