Children’s Frames

Frames and solutions to suit all needs

Here at Molsom & Associates we are excited to stock Nano and  Tomato frames so you and your children can find a different solution to normal acetate frames. The Nano frames are virtually indestructible (please bear in mind the lenses are not though) and come with 2 different head straps to suit all occasions. They are eco friendly and BPA free making them hypoallergenic, and with over 150 different styles/colour ways a frame for hopefully everyone!

We can supply sports glasses to give your children the best vision whilst being safe and comfortable playing sports.

Prescription swim goggles and masks can be sourced to ensure their vision is not compromised when swimming.

We can also look at contact lenses to suit all different requirements.

​Of course protecting eyes in the sun is important, so, why not look at the sun clip version of the Nano frames. We can also provide polarised sun glasses upon request.

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