Specialist Frames

Specialist Frame Suppliers in Spalding

Do you require spectacles for your job or hobby which need to give you a little more? Here at Molsom & Associates we can help with this in many ways. Below are an example of some of the specialist frames and spectacles we can help you with.;

Head-worn loupes

Bespoke Dental Loupes Service

• Do you suffer from back or neck pain at work?
• Do you struggle to see with clarity the tiny detail you require?
• Do you want to achieve better results for your patients?
• Do you want to improve your ability to see tiny defects or problems?

Then Molsom & Associates Optometrists Bespoke Dental Loupe Service is for you. We offer a full professional bespoke measuring and fitting service carried out by Andy Molsom. Andy has run the practice for over 25 years, he is a qualified Optometrist, registered with the General Optical Council since 1994.

Did you know that?

• Dentists and Surgeons experience more neck and back pain than any other profession.
• 70% of dental students report chronic musculoskeletal pain by their third year of training.
• A third of Dentists and Surgeons retire early due to persistent back pain, this can be from repeatedly poor posture during the working day.
• As a Dentist, you will find yourself working in a small dark area on even smaller objects that require precision.
Fortunately, this highly challenging working environment can be made much easier with the use of Dental Loupes as follows.
• Improved posture allows you to sit up straight while benefiting from full magnification and good lighting.
• Eliminates the need to bend over to see better, thus preventing curvature of the spine, greatly reducing the need for days off work and even premature retirement.
• Dental loupes form an essential part of dentistry for a clinically improved result, by use of magnification and lighting, to help precision and comfort.
• Tiny fractures can be more easily diagnosed and an open margin on a crown can be better detected.
• Loupes provide a perfect mounting point for lighting, using lightweight, high-powered lights to illuminate everything in the magnified field of view.

Who can help?

Molsom & Associates offer a full professional consultation with demonstration models and expert advice with no upfront costs. We will perform a full, needs based discussion, from which recommendations can be made and extensive evaluation of the best solution for your requirements. No obligation to buy. Full consultation, discussion and evaluation is included in the price of all Loupes. We only recommend the best solutions on the market, which we feel are Carl Zeiss products. This ensures precision optics from a leading manufacturer, which ensures reliable service as you would expect from a quality instrument that is used every day.

Call for further information.

Why not call us on 01775 713366 for more information or use our contact form and we will get in touch with you. If you have any special requirements, just let us know.


Swim goggles and Diving Masks

Have you been on holiday swimming or snorkelling and had to endure blurry vision? As light reacts differently in water, objects can appear larger and closer and even someone with near perfect sight on land would struggle underwater. We can provide both swimming goggles and diving masks with your prescription added for an enhanced experience and a clearer swim.


Sports spectacles

Vision when participating in your favourite sport is critical to you giving 100% to your performance. Not only can we find you a great fitting frame, we can also fit your prescription Lens with or without tints to reduce glare. Many different sports require different needs from your spectacles so our Lens Experts can help advice on all different areas for example squash players need secure protection, snookers spectacles with different arm placement and vision areas, maybe your child plays a sport like football and a secure fitting goggle spectacle will help them feel more comfortable. There are so many different variations we can help with.


Safety Spectacles

With information from your employer we would be happy to look at supplying you with the correct eye safety wear for your job role.

We do deal with all leading manufacturers of lenses so please ask our Lens Experts for advice.

Please call our practice today on 01775 713366 to book an appointment with our Lens Experts. You will need an up to date prescription from your latest eye examination.

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