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Very friendly, knowledgable staff, from eye test to choosing glasses - June 2022
Always extremely professional service for your customers. All staff very friendly and helpful. Happy to recommend - June 2022
The service was great would recommend -May 2022
Really patient with contact lenses appointment. Incredibly understanding with times -May 2022
They are the best - May 2022

When, nearly a year ago, following my usual annual eye-test, my optician explained that I needed to be referred to an Optometrist, I was a little worried, whether this referral would entail driving (relatively) long distances to a town I probably didn't know well, or even, not know at all!
Naturally, I was most relieved to find that I was being referred to your firm, no further from my flat (on foot) than my Opticians!
I can truthfully say, without any reservations whatsoever, that my treatment by you and your colleagues has truly been beyond first class - truly excellent!
In all my dealings with you and your colleagues I have been treated with truly excellent standards of loving care!
When, after several tests, all conducted with truly professional and considerate care and expertise, it became clear that I needed to be referred to the Pilgrim Hospital for an MRI scan, this was explained to me fully and sympathetically, so as to allay any worries I might have had.
It was, of course, a real joy to pass on to you and your colleagues the positive outcome of that test - itself an unforgettable experience!... the test I mean, not sharing the results with you all!!…. although that too was pretty special!!
To sum up I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone at all who found themselves in need of your firms expertise, professionalism and caring approach to your patients, to your firms care.

With the very best of very best wishes!

David Jones, by letter, September 2019


Had an eye test here today and was blown away by the customer service. It was my first time at Molsom's and will certainly be going back and taking my girls there for their future eye tests. Highly recommend!

11th June 2019 Facebook review                                                                              S Marks


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Molsoms.
As usual a great eye test with Mr Price and special thanks to Sally for a fantastic fitting service today, professional purposeful and patient, just what I needed.

Many thanks

C Spencer


" Well done Molsoms and a special thanks to Mr Young."

On the night of September 18th / 19th I experienced a problem with my left eye. On Monday 21st I rang for an appointment and saw Mr Young on Wednesday 21st. My eyes were scanned and I was given a thorough eye test which resulted in Mr Young faxing the Pilgrim Hospital. On Thursday 22nd the hospital rang me and I attended the fast track eye clinic on the Friday. My treatment has already been started with the hospital. The next three appointments have been made. I can not praise enough the treatment that I received. It was very much appreciated that Mr Young was very open and honest with me. As someone in my mid 80's it was pleasant to be spoken to as an adult and to be shown such consideration. Well done Molsoms and a special thanks to Mr Young.

M Lomas



"I would just like to say how satisfied I am with my new glasses "

I would just like to say how satisfied I am with my new glasses and for you suggesting that I be the first person to try the Airwear S Design Varifocal Forte lens. As I am a person who does not like wearing glasses, I find that the difference these lenses have made makes wearing glasses so much more bearable.

Barry Secker

"You have shown to us that you offer outstanding professional, friendly, and efficient service. We shall recommend you to all."

My wife and I had previously used well know nationwide companies for the last few years, through what we believed to be convenience, before we came to visit you in Donington, and I can tell you it shall definately be the last time we use anyone else. It was far easier to arrange an appointment with you, much easier (and cheaper) to park, no hard selling, and just a lovely warm and calming feel about coming to see you from start to finish.

Your incredibly welcoming and professional team made us feel welcome straight away, and they explained everything that was going on, and showed true professionalism in identifying that I did not need a new prescription, and identified that my wife did, completely the opposite of what we had been told before by a nationwide based opticians without justification. Your team explained in complete detail why, and outlined all the options, and costs, clearly, with no pressure to buy.

We were incredibly impressed by your service, and the cost of our eye care, and also appreciative of the advice given to us as spectacle wearers on what to do in the future.

You have shown to us that you offer outstanding professional, friendly, and efficient service. We shall recommend you to all.

James & Stephanie Vickers, Kirton

"In depth knowledge"

Whilst the previous optician had (as I thought) been thorough in their eye examination, I was pleasantly surprised at the much more in-depth knowledge of your goodself. Your examination was certainly of much higher quality and my spectacles are comfortable, compact and fit very well.

Alfred Webb, Spalding

"Contact Lenses"

If you only need to wear glasses occasionally (I needed them for close work/reading fine print) why not consider the solution suggested to me by Mr Molsom - wear just one contact lens.

It couldn't be simpler! My brain works out which eye to use depending on what is needed: close up with the lens or distance without it.

No more having to remember to take my reading glasses wherever I go.

Also these lenses are monthly disposable ones, so no messing about putting lenses in and out every day.

One lens, one eye, worn continuously day & night for one month, and for me it's the perfect solution.

To start with I needed to show I could tolerate wearing contact lenses and could put them in and take out without difficulty. Once I had met those criteria I moved to the monthly, continuous wear disposable lens arrangement that I am so pleased with.

My eyes are checked and monitored regularly and if I have any concerns or queries about my eyes or the contact lens, the staff at Molsom are happy to help and can quickly arrange for an appointment with one of the 3 eye specialists.

Wearing just one soft contact lens, day and night for 30 days is ideal for me. It suits my type of eyesight and my lifestyle. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Melanie Stibbons, Spalding

"Friendly Welcome"

I was won over by the treatment received form Molsom Optomterists - from the friendly welcome at reception to the 'technical bit' in the middle! - to the final fitting of spectacles

Anne Tennant, Quadring Eaudyke

"Professional and friendly service"

Having reached the conclusion of the eyecare treatment and provision of spectacles, I would like to thank you for the efficient professional and friendly service which I experienced. My wife will be taking advantage of your excellent services later in the year, and we have also recommended this to family, friends and colleagues with, we hope, some success, Many thanks, you all make a great team.

A E Smith, Whaplode

"A big thank you"

I would like to say a big thank you for looking after my eyes so well. I paid to go on the new machine which I am most grateful that I did, then for you writing to my doctor for a further consultation at the hospital, where I was diagnosed with glaucoma. Thank you again.

J Harding, Spalding

"I wouldn't trust my eyesight to anyone else"

Living on a Caribbean island has its benefits: the climate, the beaches, but it also has its challenges and quality eye care is one of them. Eyesight is very precious and though it's true; I'm as blind as bat without glasses, I cherish my eyesight. Molsoms have been my optometrists for nearly 10 years and I wouldn't trust my eyesight to anyone else. The staff are always pleasant, professional and eager to help, even if the customer is 4,000 miles away! I am sure this dedication to the customer has been key to their continued growth and I say Thank You! And good luck for the future.

Mr & Mrs Fereday, Mustique

"Without your help this could have caused permanent damage to my sight"

I am most grateful to you for your time and expertise in discovering a problem with my eye during my routine visit today. Without your help this could have caused permanent damage to my sight. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your practice which I found friendly and highly professional.

Mrs M Brown

"Molson Opticians staff [...] regard the impressive level of customer satisfaction they achieve as being 'normal'"

The performance of Essilor's latest lens is a significant improvement on previous "varifocal" products to the point where it is almost possible to imagine one isn't wearing spectacles at all. Creating prescriptions which identify complex technical specifications clearly requires a high degree of optical expertise and it is a credit to Molson Opticians staff that they regard the impressive level of customer satisfaction they achieve as being "normal".

Mr J Storey, Boston

Is it worth spending an hour driving each way to Spalding for an appointment with an optometrist? Very definitely! We became clients of Molsom Optometrists over ten years ago, and value especially the personal service from people who remember us (sometimes with an amazing grasp of detail that we have forgotten) and treat us with both professionalism and warm and gracious courtesy. These are characteristics that are not found easily in other branches of health care and, therefore, are all the more precious.

With a complex prescription and family history of eye problems, I much appreciate Andy Molsom's careful examinations and his use of the latest technology, such as retinal imaging - and a willingness to explain the various tests. His expertise in treating dry eye has provided significant comfort and reassurance.

I have also realised that it is worth investing in high quality spectacles (I wear them for every waking moment, after all). Molsom Optometrists offer an excellent range of frames and lenses, give careful advice about what might be most suitable, and exhibit remarkable patience in making the necessary adjustments, both when new frames are purchased and in keeping them properly adjusted. Lee Purdy and Bridget Scase really know what they are doing - and since I have worn spectacles from the age of 7, that makes a difference.

It's worth every minute on the Lincolnshire roads to come to Molsom Optometrists in Spalding for eye tests and the supply of spectacles.

The venerable TR Barker, Archdeacon of Lincoln

I would just like to say massive thank you to your team (especially bridget) for the great service given to me recently when purchasing my new glasses.

Your store in spalding is a credit to the shopping area in spalding and i would have absolutely now doubt in recommending you to any of my friends/family based on my recent experience of shopping with you.

Keep it up and "see" you soon !!

N. Morris, Spalding

 "The best Opticians we have been to by a mile"

"My son and I have both had sight tests this week. Mr Price was very thorough and we received a wonderful service all round. Special thanks to Bridget for going above and beyond for the second time in finding the perfect frames for Alfie. The best Opticians we have been to by a mile and we have visited several over the years. Will be staying here for sure."

K Tizzano, Spalding

February 2016





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