Price List

Please see below for our most current price list.

Platinum Eyecare plans are currently £11 per month payable on the 1st or the 15th as per your agreement when you signed up and Gold £6. All Eyecare Plans are continuous with a minimum term of 18 months as per the terms and conditions.

Professional Services Price List

We offer more than just a Sight Test

Time allowed Ian Andy
Eyecare Plan Eye Examination (includes any & all ocular health checks) 40 mins  included  included
Platinum Child Eye Examination (includes retinal photo) 30 mins  included  included
Advanced Eye Examination (includes retinal photo, 3D health scans & analysis) 40 mins £105.00 £105.00
Children's Eye Examination  (includes retinal photo) 30 mins £39.00 £39.00
Specialist Services (all below included on Platinum Members Plan)
Basic Dry Eye Assessment or Follow Up 20 mins  -  £50.00
Flashes & Floaters Examination (allow 1 hour for drops & scans) 60 mins £150.00  £150.00
Red Eye Consultation from 20 mins  £50.00 from  £50.00
Lash Removal (at same time as eye examination) from 10 mins  £25.00 from  £25.00
Foreign Body Removal from 20 mins  - from  £50.00
Private DVLA Field Testing (consultation by optometrist) 30 mins  £79.00  £79.00
Coloured Overlay Assessments 40 mins  £79.00  -
DVLA D4 LGV Vision Assessment (at same time as eye examination)  £25.00  £25.00
Full Threshold Comprehensive Visual Field Assessment 10 mins  £25.00  £25.00
Telephone Consultation (Fee per 10 minutes) from 10 mins  £25.00  £25.00
Miscellaneous Consultation with Optometrist 30 mins  £79.00  £79.00
6 monthly service of existing Spectacles (No charge if Platinum Plan) 10 mins  £25.00
Specialist Clinics not covered by Platinum Eyecare Plan
Advanced Dry and Watery Eye Clinic 30 mins  -  £79.00
IPL Treatment for Dry and Watery eyes (payable on day) 30 mins  - £125.00
LLLT Treatment for Dry and Watery eyes  (payable on day) 30 mins  - £125.00
Combined IPL and LLLT Treatment for Dry and Watery eyes 30 mins  - £175.00
Package of 3 treatments (one IPL and 3 LLLT over 3 visits) discounted as paid upfront  -  £375.00
Package of 5 treatments (one IPL and 4 LLLT over 4 visits) discounted as paid upfront  -  £500.00
Package of 7 treatments (two IPL and 5 LLLT over 5 visits) discounted as paid upfront  - £625.00
Direct Debit option for follow up treatments,
IPL and LLLT treatments at 6 month intervals with annual follow up included as DD  £30pcm
Contact Lens Fitting up to 40 mins from  £40.00
Contact Lens Specification Copy/Verification  £10.00
Contact Lens Aftercare 30 mins  £79.00
Contact Lens Fitting and Unlimited Aftercare are included if paying  CL professional fees monthly
Frame Service (to prepare an existing frame for new lenses) from  £  50.00


All sales of optical appliances made in this practice consist of two separate elements:
·The product/goods element which attracts VAT at standard rate and
·The professional service of optometry and dispensing element which is VAT exempt.

If you are VAT registered and entitled to recover VAT input on any supply made by ourselves, please note that we supply an invoice detailing VAT as a matter of course.

Please call the practice for any assistance required on 01775 713366.

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