Caring for your new glasses

How to take care of your new glasses.

As with any new purchase we want you to take care and get the best from your new glasses for as long as possible. Below are some top tips to help with this;

  • When putting your glasses on always hold both sides of the frame not just one. This will avoid weakening the joints and breaking the frame.
  • Keep your glasses in the case provided when they are not being worn.
  • Never place your glasses lens face down on surfaces to avoid scratching them.
  • Do not expose your glasses to direct heat i.e. bonfires or open fires/log burners. Also avoid leaving them on dash boards or in windows.
  • Do not put your glasses on your head. They can fall off and break but you will also weaken and mis shape the frame.
  • Always remove your glasses when spraying hair products.

Cleaning your new glasses.

  • Clean you lenses daily with the lens spray and a clean cleans cloth which are supplied on collection.
  • Never use clothing, tissues, unclean lens cloth or dry wiping. This will leave light scratches which over time will effect your vision.
  • Apply lens cleaner to both the front and back of the lens and lightly clean away.
  • Remember all Platinum Members can bring their plastic bottle to be refilled with lens cleaner as often as needed.
  • When cleaning your frame hold the bridge (nose part) to avoid bending.
  • Clean your lens cloth regularly but avoid using fabric softener.

If you have any concerns please call the team on 01775 713366. Try not to adjust or fix glasses yourself we would rather help you with the repairs or fitting. Remember to call and book for a 6 month MOT of all glasses, for glasses purchased from us this is complimentary.

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