Myopia Management

What is Myopia Management?

Myopia Management at Molsom & Associates

Modern life with digital devices means that children are confronted with more close work at school and at home. This change including less time spent outdoors means we are seeing more children develop myopia (short sightedness) than ever before. Predictions are that this trend will continue to grow across the world.

Myopia is when objects far away are blurred, while objects closer will appear clearer. Usually this is due to the eye being longer, so that light is focussed in front of the retina rather than on the retina surface.

Being myopic, especially higher degrees of myopia, can lead to a higher risk of eye disorders later in life. These can be cataracts, Glaucoma, myopic degeneration and retinal detachments.

What is Myopia Management?

Myopia management is long term strategy which considers risk factors, controlling near tasks, increasing time spent outside and using methods to reduce the progression of the length of the eye. This reduces the progression of Myopia and the risk of serious eye conditions later in life.

The methods used can be either specialist spectacle lenses or contact lenses. Essentially, they focus light onto the retina in a way that signals the brain to slow this growth.

This needs to be continued until the risk of myopic progression has stopped, this could be by a certain age or individual specific reasons.

Please see this video for more information from the lens company we use in Myopia management

What are the costs involved?

The initial consultation is £125 and the monthly direct debit is £49 for the treatment duration. This includes all regular 6 monthly reviews, the treatment method (spectacle lenses or contact lenses) and all regular eye examinations to give you complete peace of mind for your children’s eyecare needs.

When spectacles are used, all spectacle lenses are covered under the monthly fee so you just need to purchase a spectacle frame to fit your child which start from £29.

Our lens supplier Essilor have some more information on the lenses supplied on the below link

Essilor Stellest | Explore why Stellest may be the right choice

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