Sally Darnes


I have been working at Molsom Opticians since 2005, in fact starting the same day as Ian one of our Opticians.

Working in an Independent Opticians we are always busy and it has given me a chance to meet many people over the years, it is always enjoyable seeing these customers and their families coming back trusting us to take care of their eye health.

Having worn contact lenses for over 30 years this experience is helpful if new customers wish to try them but are apprehensive about wearing them.  The satisfaction when they have achieved this skill is very rewarding.

The introduction of an OCT machine many years ago to our forward thinking practise has been lifesaving on more than one occasion.  The amount of information, however minute, from this state of the art piece of equipment provides our customers with immediate and precise information.

In my spare time I like to see family and friends.  I also enjoy attending classic car events.


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