Molsom & Associates Optometrists, Opticians in Spalding and Opticians in Donington, Lincolnshire, UK.

Molsom Optometrists are an independent Opticians with branches in both Spalding and Donington in Lincolnshire.

We are a local family business, and as such we provide high quality tailored solutions for your eye care needs, in a relaxed environment with highly qualified staff on hand to provide you with advice and guidance that you need.

We stock a large variety of Spectacles, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Frames and Sports Eyewear, so that we are able to cater for every style and budget.

We are also proud that we can provide you with state of the art technology to ensure the highest levels of care are provided to you.

We would love to hear from you, please either contact us, or request for us to call back to discuss meeting us at your convenience.

Thank you,

The Molsom Optometrists Team

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    It is important to have regular eye care checkups for more reasons than you think!
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    My wife and I had previously used well know nationwide companies for the last few years, through what we believed to be convenience, before we came to visit you in Donington, and I can tell you it shall definately be the last time we use anyone else. It was far easier to arrange an appointment with you, much easier (and cheaper) to park, no hard selling, and just a lovely warm and calming feel about coming to see you from start to finish.

    James & Stephanie Vickers, Kirton

    My eyes are checked and monitored regularly and if I have any concerns or queries about my eyes or the contact lens, the staff at Molsom are happy to help and can quickly arrange for an appointment with one of the 3 eye specialists.

    Melanie Stibbons, Spalding

    Whilst the previous optician had (as I thought) been thorough in their eye examination, I was pleasantly surprised at the much more in-depth knowledge of your goodself. Your examination was certainly of much higher quality and my spectacles are comfortable, compact and fit very well.

    Alfred Webb, Spalding

    I was won over by the treatment received from Molsom Optomterists - from the friendly welcome at reception to the 'technical bit' in the middle! - to the final fitting of spectacles

    Anne Tennant, Quadring Eaudyke

    Having reached the conclusion of the eyecare treatment and provision of spectacles, I would like to thank you for the efficient professional and friendly service which I experienced.

    A E Smith, Whaplode

    I would like to say a big thank you for looking after my eyes so well. I paid to go on the new machine which I am most grateful that I did, then for you writing to my doctor for a further consultation at the hospital, where I was diagnosed with glaucoma.

    J Harding, Spalding

    Living on a Caribbean island has its benefits: the climate, the beaches, but it also has its challenges and quality eye care is one of them. Eyesight is very precious and though it's true; I'm as blind as bat without glasses, I cherish my eyesight. Molsoms have been my optometrists for nearly 10 years and I wouldn't trust my eyesight to anyone else. The staff are always pleasant, professional and eager to help, even if the customer is 4,000 miles away! I am sure this dedication to the customer has been key to their continued growth and I say Thank You! And good luck for the future.

    Mr & Mrs Fereday, Mustique

    I am most grateful to you for your time and expertise in discovering a problem with my eye during my routine visit today. Without your help this could have caused permanent damage to my sight. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your practice which I found friendly and highly professional.

    Mrs M Brown

    The performance of Essilor's latest lens is a significant improvement on previous "varifocal" products to the point where it is almost possible to imagine one isn't wearing spectacles at all. Creating prescriptions which identify complex technical specifications clearly requires a high degree of optical expertise and it is a credit to Molson Opticians staff that they regard the impressive level of customer satisfaction they achieve as being "normal".

    Mr J Storey, Boston

    It's worth every minute on the Lincolnshire roads to come to Molsom Optometrists in Spalding for eye tests and the supply of spectacles.

    The Venerable TR Barker, Archdeacon of Lincoln

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