Love Your Lenses Week 2018

Contact lenses are worn safely and loved by millions of people. However, research shows that not all contact lens wearers know how to look after their lenses properly.

Love Your Lenses Week 2018 is taking place between 24 and 30 March. If you’ve not seen your optician in a while, it’s a prime time to book in an aftercare appointment.

At these appointments, your optician will check that your contact lenses are fitting correctly and that your vision is good, and will talk to you about the best ways to care for your lenses to
make sure your eyes stay healthy.

If you love your eyes, you should love your lenses. As well as cleaning and storing contact lenses properly, there are other steps that should be taken, such as making sure you always
wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your lenses. Find out more about how to love your lenses at:


Supporting Love Your Lenses Week 2018 here are 10 top tips if you wear contact lenses;

*Good lens wear and care is essential to prevent avoidable eye problems. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before using any type of contact lens and follow all the recommended procedures

*Never use tap water to clean lenses - this could lead to serious problems, including corneal ulcers and eye infections. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning, disinfecting and wearing the lenses

*Don’t change how you clean your contact lenses without asking your optometrist or optician first

*Replace your contact lens case regularly to reduce the risk of infection and always use fresh solution to store your lenses

*You shouldn’t wear your lenses for longer than you have been told by your optometrist, and certainly not for more than 16 hours in a day. You should never sleep in them unless they are specifically designed for overnight wear

*Don’t bathe or go swimming in your contact lenses unless advised you can by your eye care practitioner

*Never share or swap contact lenses with anyone else

*If you wear eye make-up, always apply it after putting your contact lenses in

*Go to regular after-care appointments with your optometrist - at least once a year or more often if your optometrist recommends it, or if you have problems

*If in doubt, take them out. If you experience any signs of redness, pain or loss of vision - consult your optometrist or optician immediately for advice

Love Your Lenses Week 2018


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