When do you start having eye exminations?

When do you start having eye examinations?

The answer is now!

If you have any concerns with your child's eyesight, at any age, please come and speak to our staff for advice.

The AOP (association of Optometrists)  recommend that parent/carers book their children in for an eye examination at around the age of 3. This would ensure any conditions can be picked up and treated early. Eye examinations before starting school helps to ensure that children have great vision, therefore avoiding learning problems. Children often do not realise they even have problems and will not feel able to explain visual problems. If you notice any of the following signs in your child please seek advice;

*Complaints of regular headaches or eye pain.

*Eyes do not point in the same direction.

*Problems with hand eye co-ordination.

*Being overly clumsy

*Regularly rubbing eyes.

You may worry and think if your child does not know their alphabet how can they have an eye examination? Well at Molsom & Associates we start with getting a brief history for each child like any family history of visual problems? The Optometrist (Optician) will ensure the eye alignment is good and vision, but also the general eye health. We also use pictures instead of the commonly used letter chart for younger children

All children under the age of 16, and under 19 in full time education, are entitled to a NHS funded sight test. They may also qualify for an optical voucher towards the cost of their glasses, if they are required.

So in answer to when do you start having eye examinations the answer is now, book today.

School programmes

As part of Molsom & Associates school programme our staff have been visiting pre-schools and nurseries with #molsommole. Spending time  talking about eye examinations and the importance of protecting their eyes in the sun. Children under the age of 12 are at greater risk of the sun's UV rays damaging their undeveloped eyes. So when they put on their sun cream and sun hat don't forget sunglasses. Making sure the sunglasses fit well, are good quality - offering UV protection and preferably polarised to protect from the glare.

If you would like a visit at your school or pre school please book with Bridget or Vicky calling on 01775 713366. For any help or advice or to book an appointment please pop in or call our friendly staff today.

#molsommole - he's happy to visit your school, nursery, preschool or attend your community event!



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