Land Rover Sunglasses launch March 2018

Land Rover Sunglasses launch 2018


On Friday 9th March starting at 9am we are hosting our official Land Rover Sunglasses launch 2018. We will have our lovely rep Catherine with us until we close on the Friday at 5pm, and again on Saturday 10th March from 9am until mid day.

Skiing or Snowboarding this winter? Here’s a few handy tips to get the most out of your vision

Skiing or Snowboarding this winter? Here’s a few handy tips to get the most out of your vision.

The high altitude, vast open spaces and reflection from the snow all increase the effects of glare from the sun. The glare in these alpine conditions is significantly stronger than experienced here in the UK and it is important to think about the type of eyewear you use whilst skiing and snowboarding.

Having recently come back from a week-long trip in Andorra, Pas De Le Casa (2500m) where I had blue bird skies and intense sun for 5 days straight I can recommend a few things to help enhance your vision enabling you to fully enjoy the view!


Polarised sunglasses reduce glare significantly and are a handy thing to have whilst relaxing at the mountain café, chilling at the viewpoints or when you’re back in resort soaking up the last of the sun whilst at après. They also help when skiing, allowing you to see through the glare giving you clearer vision. Bear in mind that a wrapped frame (a frame curved to fit around your face more closely) may be more suitable to help shield your eyes from the wind whilst also providing better protection from UV rays.

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your sunglasses then mirrored lenses might be the thing for you! They also have the effect of reflecting a lot of the sun/glare and they look good at the same time.

Ski Goggles:

Goggles are a necessary part of your winter sports attire. Not only do they afford you greater protection from the sun and the wind, but they are also more impact resistant if you take a tumble. There are various frame styles and brands to choose from, with various tints and coloured lenses to suit all mountain conditions. A lot of goggles have good ventilation systems and anti-fog coatings that stop them from steaming up too.

All goggles should be UVA and UVB protected giving you adequate protection from the suns harmful rays. If you’re going skiing in the southern hemisphere i.e. New Zealand or Australia than you need to be using goggles that are UVC protected due to the thin ozone layer in the southern hemisphere allowing UVC light to reach the earth.  

If you want goggles made up with your prescription, then there are a couple of options to explore. You can have lens inserts put into goggles or some goggles have sections cut out of the foam allowing you to wear your glasses underneath with comfort. If you’re a contact lens wearer than you can simply wear your contact lenses as normal with your goggles.

The image below demonstrates how intense the glare can be: 

Polarised sunglasses and goggles with good anti glare coatings will enable you to see through the glare providing clarity as pictured below: 


If you are going skiing this winter and are wanting to look at polarised sunglasses then feel free to come into the practice and have a discussion with our lens experts. Also, you can read some further information about our range of sunglasses on the link below:

Enjoy the Snow!


Runner Up in Caterham Graduates Championship for Andy Molsom

Runner Up in Caterham Graduates Championship for Andy Molsom, and a new challenge for 2018.

At the recent Caterham Graduates Awards night at the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge in Surrey, Molsom collected his Runner Up trophy in the Caterham Super-Graduates Championship 2017.

Molsom in his new Sigmax – photo credit – Chris Dicken –

Family Business Celebrates 20 years of Providing Quality Eyecare Services for all of your Family.

Family Business Celebrates 20 years of Providing Quality Eyecare Services for all of your Family.

Molsom & Associates are celebrating 20 years of providing high quality eye-care and eye-wear for the local community in Spalding. Andy Molsom presented his longest standing patient, 93 year old Mrs Doris Rolfe, with a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for her loyalty over the past 20 years.

Doris Rolfe first visited Andy in his first week of opening the business in November 1997, and has been returning for her eyecare ever since. She was over the moon with the flowers and said “I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my eye examinations, everyone is friendly and I wouldn’t trust my eyesight to anyone else.”

The business has grown immensely over that time, initially it was a close family concern with just Andy’s wife and sister working with him. His wife still works behind the scenes, and Cheryl (his sister) owns the Donington practice they co-founded in 2008. There are now 15 staff employed at the practice in Hall Place, and over the past 20 years have conducted over 50,000 eye examinations.

Andy attributes the success of the business to his staff and their commitment to the very best service delivery. “Ever since training at University, I have always wanted to run my own Opticians, to look back on 20 years of running that dream seems a little surreal.” says Andy.

“It is amazing how eye examinations have changed over that 20 years, with the latest technology and knowledge we are able to do so much more than just a sight test. As a newly qualified Optometrist, I was sometimes frustrated by not having the best equipment for my needs. Running my own practice gives me control of when and how I bring in new technology. I was the first practice locally not only to offer Digital Retinal Photography about 15 years ago, but also to bring 3D OCT imaging techniques in 2008. Now with nearly 8 years experience using this imaging technique, we can offer great peace of mind offering an outstanding service, giving the best possible visual recommendations to our customers.” explained Andy Molsom.

“We have come a long way since our early days of the business. Being in my 20s when I started the business I had a steep learning curve, and sometimes it was tough, especially with no formal business training. But determination and commitment pays off, we are still learning and adapting, and look forward to the next 20 years. If the pace of change carries on, then who knows what services and products we will be offering then!

The independent opticians also support the local community, educating both the older and younger generations by providing talks to Support Groups and Primary School visits. They also work closely with the Macular Society supporting their work raising awareness and providing support and advice. By sponsoring the Young Achiever Award for the Pride Of South Holland Awards during the past 2 years, rewards the determination and commitment in younger people that will ultimately reward them with success.

There will be various competitions and open days over the course of the next year to celebrate trading in Spalding for the last 20 years, including our annual Maui Jim Beach Party. These will be on the Molsom Facebook page so ensure to like our page to avoid missing out! The web page has any further information you may need.

Molsom & Associates welcome new patients and as an Independent business will always strive to give you the best when it comes to your eye health and vision, call 01775 713366 for any help, advise or to book an appointment.

Championship Finale at Silverstone of the Caterham Graduates Championship for Andy Molsom.

Championship Finale at Silverstone of the Caterham Graduates Championship for Andy Molsom.

Rounds 14 and 15 of the Caterham Graduates Super Championship met at Silverstone International Circuit.
Qualifying didn’t go to plan for Molsom, but it was still enough for 3rd in class for both races, behind White and Briant.

For Saturdays race, Molsom started 12th on the road (3rd in class). After a great start and first lap Molsom had made his way through into the lead of his class, and 4th on the road. A race long battle then commenced between Briant, White and Molsom for the class lead, with positions being swapped, until lapping the slower Classics class. Molsom couldn’t get past the Classics class leader until after Stowe corner, which immediately gave Briant a 2 second advantage. With White constantly looking for a way past, Molsom was chasing Briant whilst defending from White. Briant was caught by the last lap, but Molsom wasn’t able to get past, as White from behind was challenging for track position. Molsom held onto 2nd place, with Briant taking the win and the Championship by just over a second.

Sundays race, Molsom started in 13th place, whilst Briant and White started in 10th and 7th on the grid among the Mega-Graduate Caterhams. Molsom again had a great start, making a few places on the first lap. By the end of lap 2, Molsom was behind Briant and chasing hard. Both Briant and White made good starts, with White leading the class for the first 5 laps and Briant in close pursuit. Lap 6 saw Briant take the lead, and Molsom made his way into 2nd on the road. By lap 10, Molsom overtook Briant and a Mega-Graduate into Village corner, taking the class lead and 4th on the road, just 3.3 seconds behind the overall leader. Molsom then began chasing and catching the Mega-Graduate leaders, maintaining the class lead until the last lap. On the last lap, Molsom was defending from Briant on the inside into Vale, which left the door open on the inside into Club and Briant slipped past to take the chequered flag, just beating Molsom to the win.

“Rockey Racing did a great job preparing the car, and sorting the fuel pressure regulator that caused the problems at Snetterton. The car was faultless all weekend.” said Andy Molsom.

“It was a great weekend to finish the season, close racing with no contact, and challenging for the win in both races. It is going to be a long winter, but after 14 years owning my Caterham, maybe I need a change for next season….” says Andy Molsom.

Molsom finishes the year as runner up in the Championship behind Briant. Next month sees the Championship Awards Night, where Geoff Lees (Ex Formula 1 driver, and F2 Champion.) will be handing out the trophies at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey.

Photo Caption – Molsom leading his class at Silverstone.
Please credit Chris Dicken for the photo.

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Another Challenging weekend for Andy Molsom of Molsom & Associates Optometrists at Snetterton in Norfolk.

Another Challenging weekend for Andy Molsom of Molsom & Associates Optometrists at Snetterton in Norfolk.

Rounds 12 and 13 of the Caterham Graduates Super Championship met in Norfolk at Snetterton supporting the British Truck Racing Championship.


In qualifying, Molsom was on track early to gain track position, which was a great move as the rain was imminent. A quick warm up lap, Molsom was well ahead of everyone else, and thought he could get 2 quick laps in before the rains came. Unfortunately, half way round the first lap, his car stopped revving freely. Molsom slowly made it back to the pits, where the problem seemed to solve itself once the car was restarted. However the problem returned at the end of the next lap, another stop in the pits and on track to restart the car, it eventually behaved itself and Molsom got his minimum 3 laps in to qualify for the race. Unfortunately the rain had started and the opportunity for a good start position was gone.

“Qualifying was another nightmare, I only just got the 3 laps in that I required to qualify for the race. The car is getting old now, and is causing these intermittent problems that are difficult to diagnose. Rockey Racing have done a great job, spending hours trying everything possible to solve the issue.” said Andy Molsom.

Both races on Sunday were from the back of the grid, the first race started well, with Molsom making up places and being within reach of the class leader. Briant however, Molsom’s main rival for the championship, made a disastrous start and was at the back of the grid by the first corner. Unfortunately, the same problem recurred for Molsom on the back straight, the car lost power and despite all efforts would not resolve itself. Molsom found a safe place to stop, and watched the remainder of the race, which White won, with Briant recovering into 2nd place.

After much hard work and deliberation by Rockey Racing, the problem seemed to come down to the fuel pressure regulator, which was fixed in time for the afternoon race. Molsom was very tentative with the car, and made his way into 2nd place, not able to catch Briant ahead, who started 10 places ahead. Molsom also claimed the fastest race lap for his class.

“After the non finish in race one, I really didn’t think the car would be fit for race 2. All credit for Rockey Racing to get the car working to complete the second race. I was just utterly relieved to finish the race, uncertain at every corner whether the car was going to behave. More work needs to be done, as the throttle response wasn’t great, but at least I finished strongly.”

Molsom leaves Snetterton guaranteed second place in the championship, only 6 points behind Briant. The next race weekend is early October at Silverstone, where anything could happen in the Championship battle.


Photo Caption – Andy Molsom on the podium after his 2nd place.

Caterham Graduates Racing Club
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Andy Molsom Zandvoort race

Win at Zandvoort GP circuit for Caterham racer Andy Molsom of Molsom & Associates Optometrists.

Mixed weather conditions greeted Molsom in Zandvoort for Rounds 10 and 11 of the Caterham Super-Graduates Championship. The races both held on Sunday, were a mixed grid of 45 cars.
Electrical gremlins again afflicted Molsom in Free Practice on the Saturday with the car breaking down on track, meaning Molsom missed virtually all of the morning sessions. Repairs to the car were made, and the remaining afternoon Free Practice session went without a hitch.
Two qualifying sessions later in the afternoon, saw Molsom qualify 2nd in class for the Sunday morning race, but due to traffic some 10 places on the road behind main rival Briant. The second qualifying went better, and was 3rd in class, but directly behind Briant and White in the mixed class grid.

Andy Molsom at Zandvoort.